Italian retailer of components for energy distribution

Distribuzionedilizia is a retailer of components for energy distribution.

We sell ENEL approved electrical boxes, cabinets, panels and accessories for plant engineering and energy distribution systems. Lugs and connectors. Electrical cable.

Thanks to the diversification of our suppliers' systems and following the evolution of technology we have established ourselves not only in the compression molding of thermosetting resins but also in the production of products in thermosetting and thermoplastic resins.

Our catalog offers a hundred product codes, intended not only for electrical and electronic systems, but also for the manufacturing, automotive and alternative energy industries.

Our Suppliers are structured to efficiently manage not only the purely productive activity, counting on two locations, but also to offer customers services such as product design, prototyping, mold development and chemical-physical consultancy of materials.

Thanks to the compression molding method it is possible to realize various types of containers, panels and components with high physical and mechanical characteristics, particularly suitable for the distribution of electricity.

The production is particularly flexible, guaranteeing complex geometries, different thicknesses, even if not uniform, as well as the possibility of inserting metal parts and creating customized surface finishes.